Healing in Africa

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Is an exciting ENERGY HEALING Modality that I have been priviledged to be part of in South Africa. I have become the first Certified ® Quantum Touch Practitioner and Instructor in Africa.

This is where you learn to run the energy to enable healing to take place on friends and family. This Website will track the progress of Quantum Touch thoughout South Africa and Africa. It will have an ever expanding horizon showing where workshops have been held and where people have come from to attend the workshops.

It will also be a personal record of healing experiences of all those who have learnt to do Quantum Touch at these workshops.


Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum Touch as it is today, believes that all healing is self-healing. His favorite definition of a healer is: Someone who was sick and got well. He says a great healer is: "Someone who was very sick and got well quickly"! Clients show amazing results, often in less than 15 minutes in many instances. Others heal steadily over a period of time - sometimes a few days and sometimes longer.  The reason that the speed of healing is affected is that a clients body can only take a certain amount of energy at any one time which only their body can determine. Then later on the body is ready to take more.

This follows the quantum physics theory that in the emission or absorption of energy, the process is not continuous but takes place by steps, each step being the emission or absorption of an amount of energy called a quantum. So where the healing takes place with baby steps or in giant quantum leaps, it is for your loving inner wisdom to decide.

About myself

My name is Verna Fouche and I live in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape, South Africa. This has been a goal worth working for - to become the first Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor in not only South Africa but the whole of Africa.

I had to travel to the UK to be able to qualify. There I did the Core Transformation and Supercharging Workshops with Alain and Jody Herriot in Manchester. I also did a live Workshop with Carole Williams in Hensall near Leeds. I host live Quantum-Touch Workshops around the country. Mossel Bay is a coastal town half way between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. This whole area is known as the Garden Route, so I travel in all directions. I am a teacher as well as a certified Book-keeper but have retired from both these professions to concentrate on Holistic Healing.

When I was quite young a lady introduced me to crystals and dowsing and I have never looked back. I am a Reiki Master and Colour Therapist and have also done Colour Tactile Therapy. I use crystals for colour and treatments as well as the coloured chakra bottles. For years I knew energy was going through my hands, I pick up energy with dowsing rods, and Quantum-Touch has helped me to utilize this gift. I have started my own practice here in Mossel Bay and slowly news is spreading. I was thrilled to be the first qualified Quantum-Touch Practitioner in South Africa and now I have added Hypnotherapy to what I do. I have also added the Core Energetix System to my work as all these tie up into a wonderful healing system to enable your body to work towards healing itself. My ability to see pictures of events adds to my intuition to create a larger picture of heaing emotions as well.

Please free to contact me. I also do Distant Healing using all these healing systems - upon request. Your queries and questions will be most welcome and thank you for visiting this website. I hope to make this an exciting venture into a healthier and happier Africa.

Please e-mail for more information.

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